Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we are asked most often, and the answers you need to know before you take another step:

How much?
As with everything, you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get. Tell us exactly what you’d like and we will price it up for you – stainless steel, mild steel, factory standard, special note, whatever you like.

When can it be done?
Often at a time to suit you. Just let us know your needs.

Can you get rid of the catalytic converter?
Sorry no. It would be illegal.

What size pipe for best performance?
Let us know the vehicle and engine and we will advise.

Can you just patch up the rust?
Sometimes. Depends on how bad it is and how long you want it to last.

Can you change the ‘note’ of the exhaust?
Yes. It can be made quieter, less droning, a burble, resonating, pulsing, or just below the legal decibels.

Can you put twin vertical exhaust stacks on my ute?
Sure, why not! What sort of tips would you like?

My ute rides very stiff. Can you fix?
Stiffness is the result of the combination of the vehicle’s weight, the degree of wear in the suspension bushes and the coefficient of elasticity of the springs. A change in any one, or combination, will alter the “stiffness”. Our training and experience ensures you will get your requirements met.

Can you raise my SUV so I can go off road?
Yes. But there is a limit to keep it legal.

Steering is very sloppy. Can you fix?
No problems. Bring it in for inspection and we will prepare an estimate for you.

I’ve got front and/or rear-end rattles. What is it?
Any number of possible causes. Bring it in for inspection and we will prepare an estimate for you.

Hey, most of this isn’t even about mufflers!
We’re very versatile!  (And that wasn’t a question.)


Now, anyone can answer your Frequently Asked Questions, but we’ll go one better: we’ll answer the questions that are Unasked, the ones that can save a lot of trouble:

Frequently Unasked Questions

Does it matter if I’m late or don’t turn up at all?
Yes. You could cause problems for other people. Be kind: let us know. Our phone number is 6272 9283.

Does it matter if I order parts and forget to collect?
Yes. Maybe they can’t be returned. It has at least cost unnecessary freight.

Does it matter if I’m not sure of the proper description of my car?
Yes. Getting the work done right depends on an accurate description of the car – month and year, auto or manual, sedan or ute, type of engine, stuff like that. We can help you work a lot of it out if you’re stuck: you do not have to be an expert.

Is there anything I can do to make your job easier?
Yes. Turn up on time. Answer all our questions, leave the vehicle, come back when we ring and have your credit card ready.  And when you see what a great job we do, tell all your friends!

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