Products & Services

At Moonah Mufflers, we cater to all sorts of people: those who know exactly what they want, and those who just want their problems fixed without any more hassle. Whoever you are, we’ll tailor a solution to your budget.


We have the best range of exhaust system components from the exhaust manifold through to the rear bumper – extractors, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, oxygen sensors, bellows, centre and rear mufflers, tailpipe tips in both mild and stainless steel.

Outside the exhaust system, we also have a complete range of steering and suspension components, both for your repair and all your modifications.

If you manage to think of something we don’t have in stock, we can get it in, usually over night.

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Whether you’re driving a beloved family car or a fleet of workhorses, Moonah Mufflers can find and fix all your exhaust and suspension troubles.

We all care about the environment, and modern cars are designed to keep watch on emissions. When something goes wrong, you need a team of experts who can understand the secret codes and symptoms and make everything right again. That’s us.

Older cars have their quirks too, and you won’t often find technicians who are at home with the whole range, whether brand new or vintage. Moonah Mufflers has that experience.

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Custom Builds

When you’re building or re-building your dream machine, you need attention to detail in every part.  We revel in the specialisation that you need.  Whether you’re preparing for a prestigious car show or a high octane race track, Moonah Mufflers will help you assemble every component the way they should be. The results will be obvious to every spectator, and especially to your competitors and admirers.

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